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Koi Naturals brand began as a way to bring a new set of standards to our market. The company cares a great deal about the products they sell, right from the moment of cultivation and on. Shop Koi Naturals tinctures, capsules, gummies, creams and lotions at the best prices.

In 2015, Koi Naturals was founded to address a problem. Due to a lack of standardization, it was challenging for consumers to find quality and pure products that worked the way medical studies claimed they would. Therefore, Koi Naturals set out to develop standards of quality that could be applied around the world. To uphold these standards, they only source hemp extract through a strict vendor validation process.

Currently, Koi Naturals is headquartered in Hungerford, Berkshire in the United Kingdom, with operating offices in southern California. They obtain their raw hemp material from organic farms located in southern Colorado.